Initial Assessment

1 hr    $100

Once your Health History From has been completed, you and your therapist will assess your needs, answer any questions, and arrive at an agreed-upon treatment plan before beginning your massage.

60 Minutes

1 hr    $100

At the beginning of a treatment plan, 60 minutes allows you and your massage therapist to address your initial areas of concern. Additionally, this length of time allows you to fully relax and take advantage of the positive effects of massage therapy.

45 Minutes

45 mins.   $80

This is a great option for a time-crunched person, allowing you to address one or two concerns without taking too much time away from your day.

30 Minutes

30 mins.    $65

This is a time for specific focus. As part of your treatment plan, this treatment time allows you to come in more often, reinforcing benefits and recovery.

75 and 90 Minutes

1 hr 15 mins.   $120

1 hr 30 mins.   $140

These treatments allow you more time to benefit from the calming effects of massage therapy. More areas of concern may be addressed during these treatments, however the focus remains client centered.


Initial appointment:

Follow-up appointment:

1 hr   $95 (no HST)

1 hr   $75 (no HST)

*Please call to book*

Radial Shockwave

Initial appointment:

Follow-up appointment:

45 min   $125

45 min   $125

30 min   $120

geared performance.png

Prices applicable for G.P. Treatments with Liam Birkwood

*To book with Liam, please select "Geared Performance" in the Service Menu*


Massage Therapy/1-on-1 Coaching
• 30 min = $70
• 45 min = $90
• 60 min = $110
• 75 min = $130

Advanced Session: Comprehensive Assessment + Manual Therapy + Development of a 4 week training program.
• $140

Online Coaching/Program Design
• 4 Weeks =  $150
• 8 Weeks = $250

Cancellation Policy:

At MMTC, we uphold a 24-hour cancellation policy for any changes or cancellations. As much as possible, please give your therapist at least a day's notice for any conflicts regarding your appointment. 

For any appointments 60 minutes or less, the first appointment missed will incur a fee of $65. Subsequent missed appointments will be charged their full amount.

For appointments 75 minutes or longer, the first appointment missed will incur a fee of $95. Subsequent missed appointments will be charged their full amount. 

No Scent is Good Scent!

We are a SCENT-FREE clinic, please be mindful of allergies and sensitivities when preparing to come to the clinic.