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This list of stretches and exercises is made up of demonstrations of the types of home care your therapist may recommend for you. Make sure that you are clear on the frequency, modifications, and intensity for your home care, as discussed with your R.M.T.. We* will be building this library of videos and pictures for you to use as a resource for your treatment plan and continuing care. If you have any questions about any of these videos, please talk to your therapist for clarification. 

1) Elevated Hamstring Stretch

This is a stretch for the hamstring muscle group, located on the back of your upper leg.

Stand in front of a chair, stool, or step. Place the heel of your foot on the surface in front of you. Keeping your toes pointing towards your stomach, and your core engaged, slowly bend forward from the hips until you feel a comfortable stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds, release, repeat on the other leg. 

2) Shoulder Mobility Exercise

Here is an excellent way to help strengthen the shoulder, while working on your balance and stability. It is important to modify this exercise if any pain is experienced throughout - please consult your therapist before attempting. This exercise is excellent for building strength and stability in the shoulder complex. Starting on the hands and knees with your toes tucked under, engage your core then press your heels back and down, raising your hips at the same time. Make sure that your shoulders stay away from your ears, and your elbows do not lock. Hold at the top for 2-3 seconds, then slowly bend and lower your knees back down to the ground, keeping your abs engaged throughout the movement. Repeat 2-3 times, then take a rest. 

3) Calf Stretch (Gastrocnemeous)

In this video, we have a stretch for the calf muscle, specifically for the gastrocnemeous. There are many variations to this stretch, make sure to discuss with your therapist which one is best for you. Using a table, counter, or chair for balance, step one foot behind you so that your front knee remains bent. Straighten your back leg, trying to keep the heel of the same foot on the floor, resting in a lunge position. You will feel a gentle stretch in the back of your lower leg. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, switch your feet, and repeat on the opposite leg.

*These videos and pictures are the property of those that created them, and are not to be copied, published, or used without express written consent.

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