Erin Hennessey, R.M.T.

Erin graduated from Algonquin College with an Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy in 2019. Before entering the program, Erin worked at a multidisciplinary clinic where her love for rehabilitation ignited, as well as by her love of being active in the outdoors. Through her studies she has learned how to mold each appointment to effectively treat each individual client’s needs. In addition to using massage therapy techniques, Erin also incorporates strength training, stretching, education, and home care to keep her clients moving with intention.

Erin will be leaving the clinic as of July 31st to continue her practice in Hintonburg. Please find her letter of departure here. We wish her all the best!



Liam graduated from the Algonquin massage therapy program in 2016. With an extensive Sports background, he is very familiar with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Liam incorporates varied massage techniques to help rehabilitate clients to their optimal functionality. He provides multiple techniques such as MET, Graston Technique, Sports Massage, and more, to help provide you with an individualized treatment plan.


Elise-Marie Walsh, B.A. Kin, R.M.T.

Elise-Marie graduated from the Advanced Diploma program at Algonquin College in 2010, after earning her B.A. in Kinesiology from Wilfird Laurier University. She has since been teaching at Algonquin College for the last 8 years, and also has 5 years of experience as a Birth Doula. Using her education and experience in sports and injury rehabilitation, Elise-Marie effectively works with her clients using a broad understanding of movement and mechanisms of injury to achieve their individual goals.

Angela Wilson, R.M.T.

With almost 20 years ‘in the biz’ Angela has learned a lot from her clients who have enlightened and challenged her at every turn.  What doesn’t waiver is her ability to listen and help each client arrive at achievable goals. Angela’s work is grounded in current pain science and a skillset that compliments your needs, from Dermoneuromodulation, myofascial work to more focused techniques. A lifelong athlete, Angela has experience with injuries and how to get back out there as strong and as pain-free as possible.

Sylvie Lamarre, R.M.T., R.AC.

Sylvie Lamarre has been a member of the MMTC team since November 1999.

Sylvie enjoys working with injury rehabilitation and prevention, postural and stress related issues and also welcomes other challenges or conditions that clients present during their appointments.

Apart from being a perpetual student, her involvement in sports, from being a team player, a trainer, a coach or just an enthusiast, has provided her with an appreciation for injury and recovery aspects.

To enhance her client treatments, Sylvie has studied Active Release Techniques® (ART) , Craniosacral and holds a certificate in Contemporary Acupuncture.  Most recently, she has attained a diploma in Acupuncture and is now a Registered Acupuncturist. You can learn more at

The combination of the therapist and client working together as a team is instrumental in reaching the client’s treatment goals for optimal results.


Nadine Larouche, R.M.T.

Nadine has practiced massage therapy since 1998. She did her initial studies in the United Kingdom, where she treated many different clients with varying conditions.

As well a practicing massage therapy, Nadine also enjoyed teaching massage therapy for over ten years. Individuality is her key treatment approach. No two people present the same; therefore the therapy is focused on the client’s needs on a treatment to treatment basis.

She has treated a vast array of clients & conditions including chronic pain, postural dysfunction, sports injuries, conditions like MS, stroke victims, cancer, arthritis, headaches, stress, pregnancy, nerve entrapment to name a few. Nadine has also taken advanced training in TMJ work, ART, Rapid Reset and Cupping massage.
Her approach is to aid YOU through YOUR healing process in an effective manner. Various massage techniques like deep tissue, myofascial release, muscle energy technique & trigger point therapy complemented with hydrotherapy and/or remedial exercise are used to enable your recovery or goals.


Other modalities used: Cupping Massage and Radial Shockwave therapy.

Basil Phillips, B.A., R.M.T.

Basil has been in the profession since graduating from Algonquin College in 2000. He has an extensive sports background and uses sports massage techniques to treat athletes of all levels, from Professional to recreational athletes. He has worked with Provincial and Olympic athletes as well as National Sport teams.  

Basil’s aim is to enhance the performance of the client and return the person to full function as quickly as possible. He does this by focusing on rehabilitation through the use of deep tissue work, muscle and fascia release and trigger point work. These techniques are also great for stress tension reduction, headaches and chronic pain. Basil deals with all aspects of the treatment which includes educating the client on training, strength, conditioning and flexibility, and with the use of remedial exercise, helping the client continue to improve their personal health, achieve their personal goals and live a more balanced and healthy life.