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Acupuncture is the practice of using small, sterile, single-use needles in key areas of the body as a way to stimulate healing, restore balance to the body, eliminate pain, and decrease infection. It can treat conditions such as pain, headaches, arthritis, infections, stress and anxiety, as well as is complimentary to the treatment of hypertension, asthma, insomnia, and depression.

Therapists: Sylvie Lamarre, R. Ac


Acupuncture close up

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative treatment in which the therapist creates suction on the skin using specialized silicone cups. The therapist may use the cups to glide across the skin, helping to relieve fascial restrictions and muscular tension. This modality, either static or gliding, can help to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, relazation and well-being, as well as a deep tissue treatment.


Therapists: Sylvie Lamarre, Nadine Larouche, Elise-Marie Walsh



DNM is a very gentle technique that works with the various levels of the body's nervous system to help reduce pain, and increase function. With the help of both the client and therapists' input and awareness, slow and intentional techniques are applied to the skin, affecting change from the nerves in the skin down to deeper structures along a particular neural branch.

Therapists: Angela Wilson

DermoNeuro Modulation


Labor support provided by an R.M.T. is an effective way to help reduce labor pains and stress during all stages of labor. Massage techniques, as well as mental and emotional support, are used to ease tension in the body and encourage the progression of labor by relaxing and assuring the mother. R.M.T.s who provide labor support are sometimes also doulas, who go through more specific training regarding birth and the process of labor.

Therapists: Elise-Marie Walsh

Labor Support



Pregnancy Massage


Receiving massage therapy throughout your pregnancy can help to manage the potentially increasing aches and pains you experience. It also allows you and your therapist to continue with your treatment plan for any other issues. Some women experience sciatic aggravation, back and neck discomfort, heaviness, shortness of breath, or foot pain. These can be treated safely after an assessment and discussion with your therapist.


All of our therapists have been trained in pregnancy massage. 

Shockwave Therapy


This modality uses the therapeutic effects of transmitting high-energy acoustic waves into the tissue to increase range of motion, collagen production and pain relief. It also helps to create an increase of blood flow, aid in tissue repair, and decrease inflammation. Shockwave therapy can help in the treatment of chronic injuries, swelling, calcifications, tendonitis/osis, scar tissue, among other conditions. 


Therapists: Nadine Larouche 

TMJ Treatment (Jaw)

Image by Anne Nygård

Many people don't realize just how much tension and trauma there can be in the jaw, face, and head. Headaches, tooth pain, neck and shoulder tension, tinnitus, and bruxism (grinding) can be caused by, or the result of, issues in the TMJ. Working with both external and intra-oral structures, both client and therapist work together to address the layers of potential issues. TMJ treatments can relieve stress, headaches, improve sleep, speech, and swallowing, as well as help your dental health.

Therapists: Nadine Larouche, Elise-Marie Walsh

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